1. Find the dog.

  2. Another illustration for bladetmomentum.dk - This one about how printing cost differently for students at different faculties.


  3. A redesign of a t-shirt I made for our friendbandgroup a couple of years ago, updated to suit the future that we’re living in.


  4. An illustration for the student magazine Momemtum (http://www.bladetmomentum.dk/) for an article on lecturers writing their own books on the curriculum. The main point was that the students and the teachers saw the situation quite differently.

  5. Here’s a comic that I did for a submission for an anthology a year ago. As far as I understand the anthology project was abandoned for other plans so now I just have this comic. 

    I made it a while ago, just a few weeks after I got to Australia, and I should point out that in the comic, when I say “australians”, I’m talking specifically about anglo-australians - there are as many different kinds of australians and migrant backgrounds as there are people in Australia, and this is just one of them.

    In fact, australian history is very exciting, sometimes extremely appalling like all colonial history, but it has a very diverse and interesting migration history.

  6. Here’s a birthday drawing I did for my friend and his stupid hat that I have a love/hate relationship with. 

  7. Well I translated all of the speech into english, then accidentally deleted all of it, so NO ENGLISH FOR YOU. I made these strip for competition for the danish newspaper Politiken. It’s an adaption of an idea for a graphic novel that I had, wherein the danish mythical national hero Holger Danske awakes from his slumber to save Denmark, but finds himself facing the modern existential crisis instead. I think the idea might still suit the graphic novel form better than the comic strips, but either way I had fun making these! Fun and sleepless nights. 

  8. Here is a mural that I did for the anarchist library and café in Sydney, black rose. It’s a nice place with nice people, check it out if you pass by Sydney. I spend ages obsessing over the message that I wanted to convey and ended up with a complicated metaphor about working together to overcome obstacles and using our differences and strengths and shit will create a total rad community, but from people’s comments I can sense that the message conveyed was mostly “some magical children’s tree with monkeys and dwarves”. That’s good enough for me!

    I included some pictures of the process because I have them.

  9. Here’s the first two panels of a comic strip I’ve been working on, about Holger the Danish, an ancient hero waking up in modern times. I’ll upload some full strips once I get them translated, but it might be a while, so here’s a preview. 

  10. The cover and first page of “Cook Book for Cannibalistic Carrots (and others)!”, an illustrated vegetarian cookbook narrated by vegetables. The recipes are meant to be a sort of open-source recipes, for people like me who already like to improvise with their cooking. Then peoples can use the recipes as an inspiration and customize or further develop them. Hope I’ll get around to work more on this, if nothing else then to remember my personal recipes and get to draw vegetables eating their mates.  

    (PS. I used mates instead of friends without even thinking about oh god I AM BECOMING ONE OF THEM)